Jan Munky Giebelmann

Tattooist - Artist

Started my 2 year apprenticeship in 2004, after being that annoying guy that always comes and visits the shop and never leaves. All the while managing the studio during that time. Had my own studio in Melville, Johannesburg from 2007 till 2009. After failing at that miserably, I decided to get back to basics and simplify things. Stick to the art and leave the management to the experts. Moved to London with my ever supportive wife, and worked in a West London Studio with some amazing artists. We travelled through Europe and made it back to South Africa almost a year later. Where I settled into a small Studio called The Golden Tiki.

By beginning of 2012, I was approached by one of my closest friends about a new upmarket studio that was looking for new talent. I realized the timing was right and I needed a change of scenery, and so began my chapter at Fallen Heroes. This would be my home away from home for more than 8 years, growing and changing my style as I went along, still keeping the strong routes of my original love of traditional styled tattooing while adding my new love of etching, dot-work and geometry. After so many years, the decision to change everything didn’t come easy, and not without struggle, as many of us in 2020 had experienced. But a change of pace was needed. So I decided to go it alone again, opening a private studio for select clients who love what I do, which makes me love doing it. Now after having had the opportunity to move across the world to Adelaide, South Australia, I have found a new home at 1891 Original Tattoo Co. It feels good again to be in a creative space with like minded people who can push each other to do better for each and every client.

My style would be best described as graphically, etched imagery that combines geometry, dot-work and Poly-tribal influences. Only using the contrasting colors of black and red. 

Terms and Conditions

A deposit has to be paid before any appointment is made or designs being started. The deposit for a small piece will be 50% of the tattoo quote. Larger pieces will have a deposit of $100.00. With an hourly rate of $180.00.

Deposits paid are refundable when sufficient notice period of cancellation or postponement has been given. A time period of 72 hrs. Unless an emergency. Which will be for the artist to decide. I.e. Death, disease or demonic possession.

Once design has been completed and sent to client, he/she have two design changes available. There will not be a limitless supply of changes available. If the client is still not happy with the design, then he/she must re-evaluate if they have made the right choice in regards to artist. If client decides not to go ahead with the tattoo, then a design fee with be deducted from deposit which will be determined due to design size. The rest will be returned to the client. There will be a scenario where the entire deposit will cover the cost of the design work. Usage rights of said design will be left with the artist.

If a design commission is opted by client then usage rights will fall to the client and can do with said design as he/she deems fit.

If you feel you have any of the symptoms related to the Covid19 virus or you think you have come in contact with anyone who has the virus, please let me know and we can.

Stay safe and don’t be a dick.